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FINAL GIRL, Big Lucks Books (2019): forthcoming.


Alpha,” and “Purge.” A Shadow Map: An Anthology by Survivors of Sexual Assault, edited by Joanna C. Valente, CCM Press, February 22nd, 2017.


“The Patron Saint of Nothing in Particular.” Glass Poetry (2018): forthcoming.

Therapy,” “Orlando,” and “Crawl.” Wyvern Lit (Fall 2017).

Bound” and “His Girl Friday.” We Are Women, Synaesthesia Magazine (Fall 2017): print.

Invocation to St. Ashley” and “Scene.Occulum (Fall 2017).

Proof.” Blue River Review, no. 2 (Summer 2017): print.

Portrait.” Maudlin House (Summer 2017).

Interlude,” “Cut.” Yes, Poetry (Spring 2017).

Meanwhile,” “Alpha.” Public Pool (Fall 2016).

“American Mistress” and “At The Drive-In.” Hypertrophic Literary (Fall 2016): print.

Covet.” Vagabond City Lit (Summer 2016).

“Bodies,” “Synesthesia,” and “Another Failed Poem About Unrequited Love.” Flapperhouse, no.9 (Spring 2016): print.

Coast.” Seafoam Mag (Spring 2016).

“Fever.” Vanilla Sex Mag (Spring 2016): print.


Everything You Need To Know About ‘Ocean’s 8 Star’ Sarah Paulson.” Movie Pilot (Spring 2018).

Johnny Knoxville: His 6 Best Roles.” Movie Pilot (Spring 2018).

Charlize Theron: Her Best 7 Roles.” Movie Pilot (Spring 2018).

Paul Rudd’s 7 Best Performances.” Movie Pilot (Spring 2018).

 Essays & Criticism

The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Paying Tribute to a Quirky Nickelodeon Classic.” birth.movies.death (Summer 2017).

Stalking Richard Simmons.” birth.movies.death (Spring 2017).

Saved By the Final Girl.” birth.movies.death (Winter 2017).

Funeral For One.” She Did What She Wanted (Spring 2016).


The Wilds #48. Wildness (Fall 2017).

The Wilds #24. Wildness (Summer 2017).

Slasher Films and Final Girls: How a sexual assault survivor found solace in an unlikely place.International Voices of Hope (2017).


Ep. 30 – Trolls.The Cryptid Keeper, October 2017.

Ep. 48 – It, A Horror Movie.Let The Right Films In, October 2017.

Episode 2 – Replicating Wonder.See Jurassic Right, June 2017.

Ep. 34 – Final Girls and Horror, With Feeling!Let The Right Films In, May 2017.

Episode 13 –El Chupacabra.” The Cryptid Keeper, May 2017.

Ghostwriting portfolio available upon request.


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