Final Girl. Big Lucks Books. 2019. (Sold Out in Print / buy a PDF here!)

essays & lists

Unus Annus is an Existential ‘Jackass’ for a New Generation.” Fanbyte. 2020.

How THE SOPRANOS is a Time Capsule of the 2000s.” Nerdist. 2020.

8 Podcasts To Try When You Want To Learn Weird Things.” Nerdist. 2020.

Sometimes Dead is Better: The Horror of Grief in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary.Studies in the Fantastic. University of Tampa Press. 2020.

(click here to view Lauren Milici @ Ranker for more weird lists)

‘Thirteen Ghosts’ Is Far Better Than You Remember.” Ranker. Winter 2020.

Pettiest Reasons Bands Broke Up.” Ranker. Winter 2019.

The Most Memorable SNL Sketches of the Decade.” Ranker. Winter 2019.

The Most Macabre Holiday-Themed TV Episodes, Ranked By Creepiness.Ranker. Fall 2019.

I Have Chronic Pain, Anxiety, and Insomnia – and No, CBD Didn’t Work For Me.” POPSUGAR. Fall 2019.


Love Poem In Spite of Everything.” Bedfellows. 2020.

Sad Sexy Catholic.” Hobart. 2020.

Eve Was Framed.jubilat. 2020.

“Meanwhile.” The Poems Are Not What They Seem. APEP Publications. Spring 2020.

Bright White Light,” “My Boyfriend Wants to Die,” and “Meditation on Healing.” BEST BUDS! A Collective. 2020.

“Meditation.” Epiphany: A Literary Journal. 2020. Print.


LitReactor Staff Picks: The Best Books of 2019.” LitReactor. 2019.

Anthologies and Reprinted Works ☽

“Once Upon a Time.” You Are Not Your Rape. Kristen Garth & Tianna G. Hansen, editors. Rhythm & Bones Lit. Winter 2019.

“Alpha,” and “Purge.” A Shadow Map: An Anthology by Survivors of Sexual Assault.  Joanna C. Valente, editor. Civil Coping Mechanisms Press. Winter 2017.

Poetry ☽

“We’re Not, But We Could Be.” Ligeia Magazine. 2019.

“the history of my body” and “Landscape At Night with Arson.” fields magazine. 2019.

No Children.” SWWIM Every Day. 2019.

“Tampa” and “The Bed is Empty.” Bedfellows Mag. Fall 2018. Print.

Okay, Florida.Longleaf Review. Fall 2018.

“Emergency” and “An Admission of Something Other than Guilt.” Anti-Heroin Chic. Fall 2018. (Forthcoming).

“The Patron Saint of Nothing in Particular.” Glass Poetry. August 2018.

 “Therapy,” “Orlando,” and “Crawl.” Wyvern Lit. Fall 2017.

“Invocation to St. Ashley” and “Scene.” Occulum. Fall 2017.

“Bound” and “His Girl Friday.” Synaesthesia Magazine. Fall 2017. Print.

“Proof.” Blue River Review, no. 2. Summer 2017. Print.

“Portrait.” Maudlin House. Summer 2017.

“Interlude” and “Cut.” Yes, Poetry. Spring 2017.

“Meanwhile” and “Alpha.” Fall 2016. Public Pool.

“American Mistress” and “At the Drive-In.” Hypertrophic Literary. Fall 2016. Print.

“Covet.” Vagabond City Lit. Summer 2016.

“Bodies,” “Synesthesia,” and “Another Failed Poem About Unrequited Love.” Flapperhouse, no.9. Spring 2016. Print.

“Coast.” Seafoam Mag. Spring 2016.

“Fever.” Vanilla Sex Mag. Spring 2016. Print.

“Timshel.” The Harpoon Review. Winter 2015.

“Crow Parts.” Bitterzoet Magazine. 2014.

Essays and Criticism ☽

5 Ways That A**holes Ruin Horror Movies.” CollegeHumor. Fall 2018.

“10 Thing That Happen When You Go Viral on Twitter.” CollegeHumor. Summer 2018.

 “The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Paying Tribute to a Quirky Nickelodeon Classic.” birth.movies.death. Summer 2017.

“Stalking Richard Simmons.” birth.movies.death. Spring 2017.

“Saved By the Final Girl.” birth.movies.death. Winter 2017.

Press ☽

HOME: An Interview with Lauren Milici. Rhythm and Bones. 2019.

Tarot Card Reading w/ Lauren Milici. Channel 96.3. 2018.

The Wilds #48. Wildness (Fall 2017).

The Wilds #24. Wildness (Summer 2017).

Slasher Films and Final Girls: How a sexual assault survivor found solace in an unlikely place.International Voices of Hope (2017).

Ghostwriting portfolio available upon request.

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