i lied about not typing in lowercase anymore. it feels…better. & i don’t want you all to take me too seriously. (& i do still kind of wish it was 2007.)

summer is winding down; i hate that. kind of. i’m both excited & anxious to go back but also totally not ready at all. tonight i’m getting on a flight to visit my high school bestie. (i’m gonna be in her wedding next year.) stay tuned for photos of me falling off a canoe & attempting to shoot arrows like i’m fucking Robin Hood & other fun things.

i’m gonna be 24 on Tuesday. i remember being 15 and thinking 24 was so old – or that i’d be married right now, or other silly things.

truthfully, i’ve never been in love before. i mean i’ve definitely had strong feelings for certain people – lord knows i love writing about it – but it’s never been love. or what i think love is supposed to be or mean, anyway. is that weird?

next week i’m going to make one of those “24 things i learned in 24 years” posts – because why not? i feel like i’ve learned the most things this past (school) year. sometimes the place that breaks you ends up putting you back together – & ultimately saving your life.

thanks, West Virginia.

these are a few of my favorite things 7/13/17

This essay by Sam Farmhand.

This music video used to make me feel so bad about myself when I was 12 and had the world’s worst self-esteem. It’s nice to revisit it with confidence and love the absolute shit out of it.

This poem by my amazing friend, katixa espinoza.

This blog full of creative writing by my forever friend, Jordan.

This slam poem by Olivia Gatwood, because it is never not relevant to my life.

This online shop run by my talented graphic designer friend Bryan.

Kesha. Freaking Kesha.


see ya’ll later.

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