ICYMI, I purged this site. Burned it all down. It was needed. It felt nice. And now it’s July.

I turn 24 in 17 days.

I’ve written one (finished) poem all summer. I think that’s because I came back to Florida feeling pretty burnt out from my first year of grad school – and there’s nothing wrong with taking a break, reading a ton of books, and doing other kinds of writing instead. (And by that I mean: freelancing, freelancing, ghostwriting for a real estate company in North Carolina, and more freelancing.)

The new poem feels really grown-up, which is probably a silly way to describe a poem – but it’s accurate. It feels like me, and it’s about sex (shocker of the year), but it’s a little bit more mature? It’s a little sinister, too. The speaker in the poem is sure of herself, and her voice doesn’t waiver. She knows what she wants, and she seems pretty goddamn confident about it.

I feel like that’s more or less where I am right now. I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past month and a half (two months?) that I’ve been home. I’ve changed a bit. I’ve let a lot of things go.

Feels. Fucking. Good.

And lo and behold, I’m writing a blog post in proper uppercase letters because it isn’t 2007 and this isn’t Pete Wentz’s livejournal. (Although I kind of wish it was.)

das wut i like (7/1/17):

Last Podcast on the Left has a great episode about David Bowie’s obsession with the occult – and if you know me, you know I live and die for that man and everything he’s ever done…but I had no idea Bowie was into the occult. Or that he might’ve burned down  Aleister Crowley’s house (formerly owned by Jimmy Page) as a dying wish.

This is absolutely stellar editorial on Paramore’s Hayley’s Williams.

Does “bar fight nightmare country” interest anyone? Because it should. You’re welcome.

Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell. Enough said.

The new trailer for Rick & Morty season three! #PickleRick #bonkers

This interestingly censored Tony Awards performance from the cast of Spring Awakening.

I have a poem in this journal alongside a large number of extremely talented individuals.


Annnnd that’s all for now. I’m off to watch a production of Seussical that my sister stage-managed…and who knows what else. Maybe I’ll make this a weekly thing? Or at the very least post a list of things I’m digging every week. We’ll see. I still don’t plan on ever thoroughly proofreading these things so sorry and all of that.

Stay sweet.

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